Coming out of hibernation

It appears that winter is over here in central California. After two months of decent rainfall, we’ve got a high pressure system sitting on top of us that is resulting in day after day of sunny, 70 degree weather. ThrottleDaddy already did a trackday at Sonoma Raceway with Keigwin’s @ The Track, and they had stellar weather. And since so few riders had been willing to gamble on January weather and buy a ticket for the day, Keigwins @TT allowed all registered riders to ride two groups – 40 minutes of track time per hour on a beautiful, sunny day on a world-class racetrack! For $130! Score for ThrottleDaddy.

In other news, ThrottleDaddy bought a toy hauler. When he gets it into his head that he wants something, he does not rest until he acquires it. So after months of research and Craigslist shopping, he bought one.

Our new toyhauler – a 19′ Attitude.

The rationale behind the purchase was that we can camp in the trailer instead of paying for hotels when we do overnight track day trips, and we can just use it for camping, too. Hotels are less than ideal because they are expensive, and we had a nasty experience with bed bugs last summer, so… our trailer, while still kind of expensive, will at least not have bed bugs. And we can cook our own food, saving some more money that way, in theory.

ThrottleGirl is skeptical of this flaming confection, her first sweet treat.

We just celebrated Throttle Girl’s first birthday! Good times were had by all. She has grown from a 4.5lb newborn that nurses, sleeps (barely), and poops (and CRIES) to a 19lb one year old who is starting to walk, eats solid food and is no longer breastfeeding, and says mama, dada, kitty, and wow!. Too cute.

The development of that first year is pretty amazing to think back on. Its a shame that I was too sleep-deprived to really enjoy it while it was happening. Sleep is starting to improve. I don’t want to jinx it by saying any more than that at this time. Lets just say that waking up 4-5 times a night is not the norm these days, as it was for months 8, 9, 10, and 11.

The R6 needs a new rear tire and an oil change, and she’ll be ready to roll for 2016 – can’t wait for this year’s track season!



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