Motorcycling Ladies on the Web

Today I’ve got a link roundup for you. I’ve corraled a list of some of the lady moto websites I’ve come across on the web. All of them provide great entertainment, information, photos, and more. Without further ado…

Moto Lady  – 5 years ago, Alicia Mariah Elfving founded her blog on Tumblr as a gathering place for lady riders out to change the common perception of motorcycling, and to form a community. Since then she has gone on many adventures, built custom motorcycles and documented her projects, and provided the web with exquisite images of women (in riding gear, not bikinis) and bikes. She is a photographer and graphic designer with an excellent eye for marrying the organic human form with moto metal. Look here for a recent ‘about my blog’ page celebrating her 5 years on the web, and check out this link to her Ducati 1199 MANigale project, parodying a real Ducati calendar.

Ladies Let’s Ride – Ladies Let’s Ride has recently updated their website and it looks like they are still getting things up and running, but they have a solid Facebook presence, and I would recommend liking them there before diving into their website. They feature pictures of ladies who ride, articles on topics of interest to female riders, and do contests and giveaways on occasion. I’ve really enjoyed their articles, the content is quite original.

Gear Chic – If you are looking for lady-specific product information, Joanne Dunn aka GearChic has got you covered. She reviews gear, bikes, accessories, provides shopping guides for women, and has written a whole section titled “Too Short To Ride?” based on her own experiences as a female rider of shorter stature. She is an expert in her area, and has even done some podcasting – check her work out here.

Motoress – Motoress is a monster website which started out as a blog, providing tons of content pertaining to all areas of interest to motorcycling women. Vicki Gray, founder of Motoress, also initiated International Female Ride Day, an event set for the day before Mother’s Day in the United States. The event is celebrating its 10 year anniversary with rides all around the world on Saturday May 7,2016.

Her Motorcycle – Providing info with a female perspective on bikes, gear and apparel, Her Motorcycle is a little bit of everything. They run stories on ladies who moto tour all around the world, tips on learning to ride safely, share YouTube videos on relevant topics, 

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