About Me

ThrottleMama in Death Valley, CA

This blog is about mamas and motorcycling, and everything related to those two topics. The inspiration to write on this combination of topics came while I was pregnant with my first child and debating how long to keep riding while pregnant. As usual, I Googled it, and didn’t come up with much on moms who ride… so here we are. I’m interested in street and track riding, with a focus on sport riding and touring, so that is the general focus of the moto part of this blog. I’d love to get into dual sport riding, so there may be some of that in the future.

About me: I’m a rider and mama living in the San Francisco Bay Area. My life includes ThrottleDaddy, our daughter ThrottleGirl, a dog, two cats, and seven motorcycles. I’m a scientist by training, but at the moment am a stay-at-home mom and freelance writer.

A few good posts to get you started:

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